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24 July 2011 @ 01:46 am
Okay, so here's one of the last announcements.

It's been a long way these past few years when we were always supporting them and waiting for their new releases. When I first heard about their disbandment it was kind of hard for me to still go totally crazy for them - what was the point, right, if it all was supposed to end nevertheless?

But good music is just something more than that. You can't just escape a band like KGF.

On 29th July KGF will held their last concert together. I, as a fan, want them to know that there were [and still are!] people all over the world who love their music. That's why I have a little project for all of you who are willing to participate!

At 1am on 29th July (Japanese Standard Time) let's send our thank-you emails to KGF.

It doesn't have to be in Japanese [but I'll gladly help you out with translation, if needed], it doesn't have to be long... It can just be one line - thank you, KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND, for the last four years together. Add your name and country to it, send it with the subject FAR EAST LULLABY MESSAGE and voilà.


to: desk@kyokutou.org

Thank you, KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND, for the last four years together.

[Joanna, Poland]

You can add anything you like, these guys really do reply to fanmails. And I believe they'll seriously appreciate this, knowing how much we love them for what they did. ♥

That's just a silly thought I had in mind, so comments, love messages, criticism and other ideas are welcome!

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