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09 October 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Katte ni shiyagare (last press) & SINGLES details  
Don't know if anyone's reading this community anymore, but... XD

There's an update about the two new November releases on KGF's info blog: both the last press of Katte ni shiyagare, and the SINGLES single-collection will come out on November 23.

About Katte ni shiyagare (last press): from what I understand the musical content will be exactly the same as in the case of former editions, however the cover, the digipack, and the 20-page booklet will be (slightly?) re-designed for this last edition.

About SINGLES: 2 CDs, it will come in a 3-fold digipack case with a 16-page booklet. Moreoever, it looks like this double-CD package will indeed have all of the band's studio-recorded non-album songs, including the songs from the two live-only singles, all the unplugged versions, plus the "ballad" version of Jukai (that is only otherwise available on their upcoming DVD as closing background music). All the tracks are newly remastered.

Here is the tracklist for SINGLES, although probably you could've guessed:

Disc-1 (2008-2009)
01. Misui
02. Boku no kanojo wa Wrist Cutter
03. Kokkyou no hanayome
04. Darakuron
05. Kamitsuite hanarenai
06. Kono jinsei wa Fiction desu
07. Kinki
08. Alchemy
09. Guernica ni tsugumu
10. Haikei, baikokudo no minasama yasukuni no sora ga naiteimasu
11. Misui -UNPLUGGED-

Disc-2 (2010-2011)
01. Shokumotsurensa
02. Guernica ni tsugumu -UNPLUGGED-
03. Sex
04. Kamitsuite hanarenai -UNPLUGGED-
05. Ecstasy
06. Iedeshoujo no you ni
07. Slow, Dance
08. Fukusayou
09. Platform
10. Kokubetsu
11. Ranmyaku
12. Jukai (Ballad)

I might buy the single collection, just to complete my catalogue (I'm missing the live-only singles, the omnibus and the unplugged Misui).

edit: all these releases are now up for pre-order at Brand-X! ;)
okami_kaoru: KGF || wristcutterokami_kaoru on November 2nd, 2011 09:50 pm (UTC)
I'm just curious, did you buy the DVD? How is it? ;D I still have to order it, I had no money whatsoever last month. ;___;